October 14th, 2014

“I will fall asleep beside you and hope we dream the same dream. I will wrap my arms around you and listen to the silence of two heartbeats.”

-Sana Dati (If Only)

And right then it felt like I finally understood where everything was, eternity, the heart , the soul. It was like I was sharing every experience I’d ever had in my past 13 years.”

-5 Centimeters Per Second (Byôsoku 5 senchimêtoru)

October 12th, 2014

I don’t wanna kill anybody. But if I gotta get out that door, and you’re standing in my way, one way or the other, you’re gettin’ outta my way.”

-Reservoir Dogs

"How did you find me?"
"I’m the man."

-Kill Bill: Vol. 2

October 9th, 2014

Revenge is never a straight line. It’s a forest, And like a forest it’s easy to lose your way… To get lost… To forget where you came in.”

-Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Al Capone always said, asking polite with a gun in your hand is always better than just asking polite.”

-The Family

We will not rest until his blood flows into this very ground. We will have our revenge.”

-Taken 2

September 29th, 2014

But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. My whole life.”

-Blue Is the Warmest Color (La vie d’Adèle)

Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them.”

-The Purge

September 19th, 2014

"I hate to shatter your ego, but this is not the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me."

-Pulp Fiction